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As we all know, college students have a tendency to make a lot of money related mistakes. Examples include overspending, late bill paying, bouncing checks, credit card problems. One big reason for the prevalence of money problems among college students, is the fact that most students have never been taught basic money skills. Unfortunately, money issues are one of the top reasons students drop out of college. The sad part is, many of these issues could probably have been avoided if students had a better grasp of basic money skills.

Given this all-too-common problem, combined with the tough economic times we are all facing, our Pick of the Month is the downloadable ebook course:

Money Management For Young Adults, which is available at

This self-study ebook course quickly explains the essential money skills that college students need to understand. It covers topics such as personal budgeting, using a credit card responsibly, maintaining a solid credit rating, and much more.

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