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Tips For Parents and Students

Thank you to all the parents and students who wrote all of the following articles for our site!

- Steps You and Your College Student Can Take to Reduce the Risks of Info Fraud
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- Oh Dear, I’m a newbie!
College Student, Talia Goren discusses the many new encounters that all new college students go through; such as new surroundings, new people, professors, etc. All this can be stressful to many young people. She gives great suggestions on specific steps students can take to make the transition less stressful. Her tips are also useful suggestions for parents helping their children adapt to college life.

-First Year College Students- Advantages of PT Jobs and Joining Organizations
Shannon Bennett is currently a college student. Her article discusses the advantages of joining an organization, as well as the benefits of obtaining a part time job.

- Stress Paper
Talia Goren, gives some excellent tips on handling academic stresses of college. She discussing important steps such as time management, maintaining healthy eating and sleeping habits, and even the importance of relaxing. These are great tips to pass along to your kids.

- Ways to Ease College Costs
College Parent Patti McKenna, has some excellent ideas that she and her daughter have adopted for saving money on college expenses. She covers topics such as saving money on tuition, saving on room and board, how to get scholarships, and saving on college transportation.

-Live Smart
Kimberly Tran wrote this article at the end of her freshman year. She discusses moving away home, dealing with roommates, and how relationships with parents can actually become closer while away at college. She also offers a couple tips for parents.

-Shopping & Saving on College Supplies, Furnishings, etc.
College student Kimberly Tran gives some excellent insights and tips on buying furnishings and other items needed for college. Her tips are useful for both parents and new college freshman as well as experienced students.

-The College Deal
Second year student Kimberly Tran talks about the stresses relating to the college application process; including coping with rejection from your first choice college. She also give insights & ideas to parents are how they can be supportive.

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