Care Packages for College Students (part 2)

This is Part 2 of our earlier post about Ideas for gift baskets or care packages for college students.
In case you missed it, here is part 1: Ideas for Care Packages for College Students.

Gift Ideas and Care Packages for College Students (continued)
By Jen Danowitz

A Touch From Home
Sending along something personal, such as a picture of the family dog or a funny card, can uplift any student. This will cheer your child and motivate him or her to get through even the toughest course load.

• Recipes
o Add a few recipes of home cooking. If a kitchen is not easily accessible (some residence halls have community kitchens), think of creative recipes that can make-do with dry food and a microwave. Put together the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, and send it all along.
• Coupons or gift cards
o Go online to check out the local restaurants or grocery stores near your college student’s campus. Sending a few $5 gift cards to the local coffee shops or pizza places, along with a to/from note on the back of each card, will give your child a smile and a gift s/he is sure to use.
• Cater to your son or daughter’s interests
o Include items you know your child enjoys, but would not typically purchase because of a budget. Keep an eye out for sales, and stock up on items you know your child will love. Make-up, lotion, magazines, CDs, comic books, etc.—think of what will make your child smile and add it to the package.
• Stories from the local paper
o Cut out and send along stories featuring people or places your child will appreciate. This allows him or her to stay connected with what’s going on at home, and from a source s/he can hang up on a bulletin board.

The Holidays
Including something that relates to an upcoming holiday can brighten any student’s spirits and make the dorm room a cheery, homier environment. Send along room decorations such as streamers, holiday light strands or holiday themed tablecloths; and add small treat bags with seasonal sweets for your son or daughter to enjoy. Include a few extra treat bags for your child’s roommates—reaching out with a gift from home can help ease homesickness by encouraging your child to connect with his or her new “home.” Keep in mind everyone loves to see what’s inside a friend’s care package, so send a little extra for your child to share.

Keep checking back for more ideas and suggestion for care package ideas for college, and gift suggestions for college students.

2 thoughts on “Care Packages for College Students (part 2)

  1. Hey Jen, I enjoyed your entry. I never thought about putting cut-outs from the local paper inside, that’s a good idea.

    For what it’s worth to you: About a month ago my friend introduced me to this college care package company called Box-O-Box . After debating on whether or not I should stray from making my own care packages, which I send to my daughter a few times per semester, I decided I would and send her one from them instead. I don’t think I’ll be putting my own packages together anymore, hahaha. I thought their website was cute, but boy did my daughter absolutely love the Feel Better Box that I sent her. She also told me that I should never make my own again! Hahaha, anyway, sorry to babble on but I figured you might appreciate the input.


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