College Tips For Parents Now on Alltop is now featured on Alltop features the best informational sites on the web. We are thrilled that they like and have elected to include it on AllTop. We encourage all our readers to visit

Upcoming Posts and features
We will be posting many new articles and features designed from high school seniors and parents, who are getting ready for college or university.

Topics will include
applications, financial aid, grants, communicating with college orientation staff, essential skills students will need for college, transition from high school to college.

High School seniors and college freshman should pay particular attention to our December 25 post about reducing the risk of identity fraud and improving info security on campus. This has become a troubling problem, so students and college parents need to be aware.

Please also note the new video content on the main page. We have added a video which discusses the differences between high school and college. The video highlights important differences students can expect. It covers both academic differences, study strategy, and campus life.

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