How to Make Sure Your College Kid is Money Savvy

Probably the leading cause of failure in college relates to money problems. Unfortunately most kids that drop out of college to dig out of their money problems never go back, and end up badly sidetracked.
A good solution is the newly released Money Management Skills DVD, its something every college parent should get for their student. This 1 hour DVD, created by is designed to quickly teach college age young adults essential money skills.   Please note that was involved in the creation and sale of this DVD.
We  encourage  college parents to consider getting this DVD for their son or daughter.

In about one hour, this DVD will show your son or daughter how to smartly handle their money matters and stay on track at home and at college.

Samples of Topics Covered in the DVD:
How to stay out of credit card problems
Maintain your personal cash flow
How to stay financially focused and on track in college
How to Protect yourself on campus from ID theft, fraud and rip-offs
Plus many tips to avoid problems at home and college.
How to avoid excessive spending in college
Common money problems & traps that college kids fall into
Living within your means at College.
How not to get buried by excessive debt
Managing your bills