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Alternative Ideas to Traditional Colleges

Virtually all of the content within involves topics related to traditional college. However, several of our readers have asked us to add content which covers educational alternatives. Many young people feel that a tradtional college isn’t for them even though they have a terrific curriculum, but they still want to continue their education. Below is the first of a series of future posts covering some educational alternatives that might appeal to your child.

Perhaps your son or daughter enjoys helping others and wants a career in the health care field. Sure, advanced college degrees are required for certain medical professions, however there are many health care occupations that do not require a traditional college degree. Modern health care relies heavily on sophisticated equipment and technology. Hospitals and other health care providers need skilled staff who understand how to utilize these high-tech tools and techniques to deliver superior care. Many of these individuals have gotten their skills from a medical tech school. The health care field is one of the few professions that is continually looking to hire staff (particularly those with cutting-edge skills). With that in mind, medical technology training is a great alternative to traditional college.

Maybe your daughter or son is drawn to more artistic pursuits. Modern technology has enhanced some of the creative tools available for those in artistic fields.
For example in the field of photography, the level of sophistication of photographic equipment and editing tools have advanced significantly in the last few years. Today’s photographic equipment can capture amazing imagery. A young photographer will need to learn how to take advantage of these technical tools, but will also need to master the art of photography. If this is the career direction your son or daughter is considering, they may want to look into and research available photography to learn the art and techniques of this field.

In future posts, we plan to discuss technology skills training options, schools of art & design, and other exciting alternatives to traditional college education. Parents, if you have an idea or suggestion for future posts related to this topic we would love to hear from you.

Ideas for Unemployed students and grads

Up until the last year or two, it was fairly easy for college grads to find jobs- times have certainly changed! The fact that recent college grads are having a terrible time finding jobs is not news to anyone.

One of our favorite authors and innovative thinkers, Seth Godin, just wrote a great article on his blog which provides some great suggestions for new unemployed college grads who have not found jobs: check it out: Graduate School for Unemployed College Students